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DENSO and JMC visit, follow the international trend, boost the process of China's robot industry

Release time:2017-05-19

Manufacturing research center of Japan JMC company Mr. Yamaguchi Katsuhiko and the Japanese Denso Corporation (DENSO) & automatic identification; robot for Mr. Usami Koji to visit China smart, intelligent China Chairman and executives warm reception of visitors, both on the application of manufacturing IOT, the future of intelligent plant model and robot in key industries and key the process of in-depth exchanges.

In the new round of industrial change, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories are the goal of construction. Industrial networking and industrial robots are important technical pillars. As a manufacturer in Japan, has over a hundred years the rise of manufacturing history, not only created a "classic enterprise management method JIT, lean production, industrial robots and other advanced technology also maintain the competitive advantage in the world, ideas and technology, Japan has a place worth learning.

The visiting Japanese manufacturing research center JMC a detailed introduction of the manufacturing process of TPS import, guidance, factory building, Japan Denso Corporation (DENSO) since 1949 is separated from the TOYOTA group, has now grown into a multinational auto parts supplier group company, the robot development and production has a long history, advanced technology.

In exchange, China smart chairman Xia Yanna said that Japan as the world's first robot powers, the robot industry has a first-class technical standards and occupies a pivotal position in the global market. China smart international technology should follow the pace of development, to promote the Chinese robot science and technology research and development and industrialization of power.

Subsequently, IOT and smart factory we also focus on manufacturing future models, shared understanding of the smart factory of the future, and for the industrial robot industry segments such as industry one of the key areas of development of the pharmaceutical industry in the development and application of detailed communication.

China as a global smart intelligent manufacturing solutions providers and system integrators, adhering to the "core concept of global resources grafting Chinese manufacturing", has set up 8 overseas offices and research institutions in Germany, Dortmund, Japan, Tokyo, Munich Nagoya, Silicon Valley of the United States, and with foreign advanced manufacturing enterprises exchange communication is an important aspect of the use of global resources.

The manufacturing research center of Japan JMC company and Japan Denso Corporation (DENSO) visiting Chinese intelligence, both sides have conducted effective communication on the current trend, 4 industrial robot field of cutting-edge technology, the future development direction of intelligent plant. In the 4 industry across the global trend, exchanges and cooperation is a win-win trend in the future, China will continue to use the smart world resources, promote economic development China world-class manufacturing in the world China wisdom, let more respected!

Promote China's economic growth with world class wisdom and make China more respected in the world



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