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HUAZHI IMT is a global intelligent manufacturing solution provider and system integrator with headquarter located in Shenzhen of China, and 8 overseas offices and research institutions located in Munich and Dortmund of Germany, Tokyo and Nagoya of Japan, Silicon Valley, New York and Boston of America ; Tel Aviv of Israel.

HUAZHI IMT focuses on the intelligent manufacturing industry, with self-developed products like intelligent manufacturing solution integration platform, intelligent factory software system, intelligent workshop hardware terminal. HUAZHI IMT has been providing intelligent manufacturing solution services to Chinese large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the areas of intelligent manufacturing top design and planning, intelligent manufacturing project integration, new factory design, IT planning and implementation, process improvement and automation reformation.

HUAZHI IMT, as a pioneer of industrie 4.0 and Made in China 2025, established good cooperation relations with many global universities, research institutes, High-Tech enterprises. Co-sponsored and established several industrial alliances and technical alliances, established the "German Industrie 4.0 Research Institute" in Munich, launched "Global Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance " in Silicon Valley in the America.

Adhering to the core concept of "global resources grafting to China intelligent manufacturing", HUAZHI IMT will play the "global connector" role during the integration process of "German Industrie 4.0”, “American Industrial Internet”, and “Made in China 2025”. To promote China’s economic boom with world-class wisdom, make Chinese manufacturing more respected in the world!

Promote China's economic growth with world class wisdom and make China more respected in the world



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