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Industry 4 is occurring in the future



  this era, the consumption of the Internet in full swing,
  the industrial Internet is roaring,
  no advantage can beat the trend of the times,
  global industry 4 came into being

Content validity

  Although the era of Internet change has just begun, but the industrial Internet era has arrived, take a broad view of the world, developed countries to take advantage of technical advantages, has begun action. In Europe, Germany proposed industrial 4 strategy, trying to find a new way in the future industrial production; in America, the United States government shouted "re industrialization" of "energy Internet" and other slogans, launched a "industrial Internet" as the representative of a series of "advanced manufacturing" plan; and in Asia, Japan South Korea, the use of intelligent technology is catching up.
  German industry 4 is the factory, machine, production materials and people through the network technology highly linked to form self-organized production, its connotation has gone far beyond the automation of the machine. SIEMENS's "digital enterprise platform" system for digital manufacturing provides a carrier; virtual hand gesture recognition system for BMW car cool fun robot; people have a car, greatly liberated workers labor; KUKA robot with high intelligence, high performance walk in various factories; BOSCH radio code system for smart factory ran eyes...... One hundred years of German manufacturing, exudes a sense of the future.
  Industrial 4 not only provides a new idea for China's industrial production, but also coincides with China's national policy of "two integration" (industrialization and information deep integration) strategy. The new government strongly recommended Chinese industry 4, the Ministry formulated the "China manufacturing at top speed is 2025", in order to make the industrial 4 smooth landing Chinese, and bear fruit, "China upgrade made", adjust the employment structural imbalance. China's edition of "industry 4" - "made in China 2025" is our country's outline for the next ten years.
 Industry 4, the future that is taking place......

Media review

"Made in China 2025" has much in common with German industrial 4, and there are many differences. From the time point of view, the German industry to achieve 4 in general need 8~10 years, and "made in China 2025" basically in a period. From the content point of view, the German industry 4 and China proposed industrialization and information technology, the depth of integration and development of Internet of things or industrial Internet has the same purpose.
  ——Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology
  A new round of industrial revolution is deepening, and the developed countries have implemented the strategy of re industrialization. Digital and intelligent technology profoundly change the production mode and industry form of manufacturing industry, and it is the core technology of the new industrial revolution.
  ——Zhou Ji: Chinese Academy of Engineering
  Deeply grasp the new trend of development of science and technology and industry revolution. Recently, the discussion on the new industrial revolution, the international community more, although opinions vary, but a more consistent view is the integration of information technology and manufacturing, a major breakthrough with new materials and new energy technology, will trigger a new round of technological and industrial revolution.
  ——Soupault Former Deputy Minister of industry and information technology
  With the constant depth of fusion of information technology and manufacturing technology, with more knowledge on the basis of economic growth and intelligent manufacturing will be a key technology upgrade and development of the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, is the key technology in the next 20 years, 30 years, 40 years will be prosperous.
  ——Quxianming Former vice president of Institute of Mechanical Science
  Under the policy environment of actively promoting the "two integration", the demand for highly integrated technology and intelligent manufacturing is constantly fermenting, and the market calls for the development of intelligent industries are very loud. In addition, as labor costs rise year by year, enterprises are becoming more and more interested in improving production efficiency and reducing the cost of new intelligent production methods.

  ——Lee Bacon President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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